• Surfer Girl1:50

Gray/Black Snapback cap

  • $1 donated to charity
  • $28 + $2 shipping
  • Embroidered logos 
  • 6 panel construction
  • Lifetime Warranty

Additional Ramsey pouch

  • $6 + $1 shipping if sent separate from another order.

Additional Ramsey Bamboo case

  • ​$15 + $3 shipping if sent seperate from another order

Additional supplies

"PETRIFIED™" series which are hand made solid wood shades which also offer 100% UV protection. Talk about being one with the Earth. Imagine cutting through some back country weaving through the trees wearing 100% wood shades.

  • $3 donated to charity
  • Each pair comes with a wood case
  • Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty
  • Starting at $78 + shipping
  • Optional 3 year  "You break it, we buy it" plan  $38

"WESTIES™", everything is cooler out west, right? These are a hybrid between the classic look and a new age progressive music group. With durable plastic frames and hand made bamboo arms these shades create a clean but cutting edge look.

  • $2 donated to charity
  • Each pair comes with a pouch
  • Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty
  • $48 + shipping
  • Optional 3 year  "You break it, we buy it" plan  $22


Ramsey Supply Company Wood Sunglasses