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Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

If the glasses ever fail for a reason caused by poor craftsmanship we will replace them at no cost to you other than shipping to us. Please understand that no two pieces of wood are the same. Product photos on this website should be used only as a guide to what a product will look like, not as an exact representation. These small differences make each pair of Ramsey Sunglasses unique. Each pair is inspected thoroughly prior to being considered for sale. This is why we offer the amazing warranty that we do. Through quality control processes set in place with our manufacturer you are guaranteed to enjoy your new shades. ​Wood is a naturally occurring organic material and if put under extreme heat and long term use in water it eventually will deform. 

Damaged or lost glasses? Yes we help with that.

What is the biggest reason people buy new sunglasses? Most of us lose them, drop them in the water, or sit on them. If you damage a pair of sunglasses you can send them back in to us and we will give you 15% off a new set as a returning customer. And if possible, refurbish them and donate the old sunglasses to charity. If the shades are sitting at the bottom of the abyss and unable to be returned, we will offer you 5% off of regular and sales prices as a returning customer.

You break it, we buy it. 3 year replacement plan

For a fraction of the purchase price we have the plan for the clumsy or dare devils out there. If you break them, run them over, drop them off the half pipe and then land on them, it doesn't matter. We will replace them no questions asked all you pay for is the shipping to us. See our online store for the You break it, we buy it replacement guarantee. 

Note about all warranties

To qualify for any warranty replacement or discount you must attach a copy of your proof of purchase (online receipt or bank statement with purchase highlighted) as well as original hologram from the tag. This is very important and ensures the authenticity of your Ramsey Sunglasses so please keep the hologram in a safe place.